International visitors and their Bristol hosts meet the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement

On Tuesday 10th October, the current cohort of Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors and Bristol ‘Next Generation’ Visiting Researchers were invited to join their University of Bristol hosts, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement, Professor Agnes Nairn, and the International Research Development (IRD) team for afternoon tea. This ‘Meet and Greet’ took place in the Verdon Smith International Seminar Room in Royal Fort House and it was an opportunity to share research projects and create connections.

Lauren Winch, Juliet Biggs, Vera Lucia Raposo and Colin Wilson talking     Karim Thebault and Richard Arthur talking

Karim Thebault, Richard Arthur and Colin Wilson talking     Oliver Quick, Agnes Nairn, Charl FJ Faul, John Mondal in conversation

Professor Nairn welcomed the visiting researchers who had travelled from Portugal, India, Canada and New Zealand. It was fascinating to hear about the range of research projects being undertaken, including:

It was already a busy day for some of the visiting researchers as Dr Raposo had already delivered a seminar on ‘Health data and personal care robots‘, Dr Mondal had given an earlier talk on ‘Design of Advanced Metalated Porous Orangic Polymer for Heterogeneous Catalysis‘, and Professor Wilson would be giving his public lecture on ‘The Life and Times of Supervolcanoes‘ later that day. It was great to hear about so much activity and engagement during the visits, and everyone seemed to be really positive about the research developments they were making.

You can see the visiting researcher talks and seminars coming up on our Events page. You can also take a look at our current and upcoming visitors on our Visitors page, and can contact the University of Bristol host if you’re interested in finding out more and engaging with the visitor.

From the perspective of the IRD team, it was a real pleasure to meet our visiting researchers and their hosts and finding out more about their collaborative research development – we’re really looking forward to hearing how their projects develop.